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EM Lewis offers an endearing and insightful perusal into the lives of 16 rural Oregonians, dealing with the trauma of recent or impending death, during the course of a single day...Lewis gives evidence of being a significant talent to watch. As the day crawls on, one sees how man changes when it is as at the edge of death and how hope can still emerge from the depths of hopelessness. "Infinite Black Suitcase" will be performed for the first time at the Colony High School Theatre.

This is the Colony High Theatre website. Colony High School's theatre produces three mainstage shows each year, plus a wide variety of other shows. The theatre is located at Colony High School, on 3850 East Riverside Drive in Ontario, California. Get directions from MapQuest here.

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Aside from Mainstage shows, the Theatre Arts Department also participates in the DTASC festivals. DTASC stands for the Drama Teachers' Association of Southern California. Each year, there is one DTASC festival in the fall and one festival (known as Shakespeare Festival) in the spring. The Theatre Arts Department is involved in both of these festivals. For more information about DTASC and the Colony High School Theatre Arts Department's participation in it, click here or click the "DTASC" link on the toolbar.

There are also classes available for enrollment for Colony High School students. These Classes are Drama I, Drama II, Drama III/IV, and Technical Theatre I-IV. For more information on these classes, you can click here or on the "Course Info" link in the toolbar. This section of the site is also useful for those students who are taking the classes. It includes a variety of useful documents, information, etc. for those participating in the class.
The Colony High Theatre Arts Department also participates in the International Thespian Society (ITS), a honorary organization for high-school students who participate in theatre. We are Troupe # .... For more information on ITS, click here or on the ITS link in the toolbar.

The program is run by Mr. Arik Boles, the Drama I- IV and Technical Theatre I- IV teacher at Colony High school. He directs all of the mainstage shows as well. For more information on Mr. Boles and the deparment, click More Info on the toolbar. Also in that section of the website, you can find information on how you can help the department, as well as tips and information for auditions. There is also an FAQ and multiple methods by which to reach us included in the pages of that section.

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-- Arik Boles Theatre Director